Who, what, why


Comensa is the group company of three award winning eateries Café Hanoi, Ghost Street, and Perch. It is owned and operated Krishna Botica and Tony McGeorge.

Each of the three eateries offer very different experiences but are connected by a shared DNA; unique spaces located in vibrant districts offering both classic & contemporary food from the East.


Culture has been described as everything we do that is beyond what is strictly necessary.

Apart from the basic need to eat, everything else about food is a reflection of our desires, ideas and beliefs. It’s how we want to live our lives; what’s important to us.

The core belief that food is an essential part of culture, that food matters, is why we love the food game and care how we play it.


Krishna Botica

Krishna is one of the most highly respected professionals in New Zealand hospitality. She has been associated with some of the most loved and successful restaurants in Auckland and has won numerous hospitality accolades. She is also the president of the Auckland chapter of the Restaurant Association.

Tony McGeorge

Tony has built a number of enduring and influential bars and restaurants in Auckland. His projects have brought acclaim both nationally and internationally.